Christian Questions & Answers

Ans: Over the years there are always 3 positions

  • Pretribulation rapture
  • Mid tribulation rapture
  • Post tribulation rapture

However, we know the rapture will take place — 1 Thess 4:15-18

  • A possible insight — 1 Thess 5:9
  • The most important thing is to be ready whenever the rapture takes place

Ans: There may not be a specific reference to cremation in scriptures. However burial is spoken about. I think burial is more respectable in my opinion

Ans: In reality you can not change your gender. The Bible says in Gen 1 :27 — …. Male and female created he them. From scientific understanding the gender is in our DNA . When the combination is XX — It is female. When it is XY — It is male

A person may change the look of their body but gender is deeper than that. It is in the DNA and only male and female are recorded throughout scriptures. substance , addictive, not a necessity McDonald is food, However, we would encourage moderation

Ans: Jn 10:30 — God the Father , Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit — are one God but they are 3 persons in one . Each take specific roles. They are all equal but also submit to each other to fulfil their specific roles Philp. 2:5-8

— Jesus became a little lower than the angels – Heb. 2:9

  • The Word that created all things became flesh – Jn 1:14
  • Because the children are partakers of flesh and blood — he also himself partook of the same – Heb 2:14
  • Jesus became sin that we might be made the righteousness of God — 2 Corth 5:21

Ans: Dreams are still relevant. Most people dream

  • Dreams many times are spiritual experiences
  • Dreams are sometimes a peep into the spiritual atmosphere around you — Gen 37:5-10
  • Dreams can come from a multiple of business — Ecc 5:3
  • However we are not led by dreams but by the Word of God and the Spirit of God – Rom 8:14, Matt 1:20, Acts 2:16-17
  • However dreams are subject to correct interpretation.

Ans: Though we might not see a specific scriptures that says — thou shall not have dreadlocks , the Bible has a lot to say about our appearance as Christians — The Bible talks about modesty in all things.

A general rule is — 1 Corth 10:23 — All things are lawful but not all things are expedient. All things are lawful for me but all things edify not.

It is important to note that many fashions and trends have negative spiritual origins. So it is always good to check before you follow a trend

By Gods grace we will still be examining various aspects of these fashions and trends

Is 54:13 — We believe — ALL our children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of our children

Ans: God has not predestined anybody to go to hell

We have to consider the whole of scriptures

1. There is Gods sovereignty and fore knowledge — God knows everything from the beginning to the end but this does not mean pre ordination.

2. There is personal accountability of every soul —

This is one side of the coin. We have to consider the whole truth of Gods Word. Gods foreknowledge does not imply Gods fore-determination

  • I stand at the door and know , if any man will ,— Rev 3:20
  • It is not the will of God that any man should perish , — 2 Pet 3:9
  • 1 Tim 2: 4— God who will have all men to be saved

Ans: God made man a free moral agent with the power of choice . Two blind men came to Jesus and he still asked them what they wanted . Matt 7: 7, Ask — Matt 20:29-34 Also remember also the factor of the devil —We confess to take a stand — against the devil and also to overcome our unbelief and doubts . Jam 4:7

Ans: I will advise we don’t comment on souls that have departed this world because they are no longer here to defend themselves. Whether somebody repents at the last moment or not we may not know. Let’s those of us who are living and can still make good choices do so for it is appointed unto men once to die and after that judgement. So while alive choose God and righteousness — Heb 9:27

Ans:  The source of a music determines what spirits are behind it. — whether God or evil spirits. I counsel that Christians should not expose themselves to strange spirits by playing ungodly music. Some music may not be Christian but they are educational or teach certain good values. But as much as possible I advise we stick to Christian music — Elijah – 2 Kg 3:15 

Ans:  Ans: Lk 16:19-31 — Before the coming of our Lord Jesus when the righteous die they go to Abraham’s bosom. When the wicked die they go to hell. After the resurrection of our Lord Jesus — When the Christian die they go to Heaven — Philp 1:23. When the non Christian die — they go to hell. Jn 5: 28-29 – This is talking about the end of the age. 1Thes 4: 16-17– This is the rapture of the church

Ans: Discipleship or Mentorship is for our benefit. When you are being mentored you are benefitting and when you are mentoring somebody you are also benefitting. It is not a legalistic thing but a relationship that can grow .Discipleship can be informal or formal .Also discipleship is at various levels .

  • It will not be correct to say the only effective approach is a disciple choosing a discipler because of values the disciple has seen. That is one way but not the only way.
  • Jn 15:16 — Jesus said — ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you 
  • The soul is the will , mind and emotions
  • 1 Sam 18:1 — a positive soul tie
  • 2 Sam 13:1-3 — a negative soul tie
  • Gen 34:1-4 — Dinah & Shechem
  • Discipleship is more mature Christians mentoring younger Christians in their Christian faith
  • We can’t disciple the world — we can only bring the world to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. When they have believed then we can disciple them
  • Jn 8:31-32 2
  • Tim 2:2
  • Discipleship starts from when somebody has given their lives to Christ. What they need then is somebody to help them understand the foundations of the Christian faith .We do that in BBC . Then the workers training equips you to start to serve God
  • We saw Aquila and Priscilla chose Apollo
  • Titus 2:3-5 — The older women are to mentor younger women
  • One of the great ways Mentorship can start is to see a grace on a young Christian and draw them close to mentor them
  • What we are trying to now do as a church is that instead of discipleship being sporadic , we can make it a church culture so that everybody is being mentored at various levels — cell group level , department level and also personal level .