New Covenant Church Manchester thrives greatly on the generosity of committed volunteers who offer their time and services to ensure the smooth running of the Church and all the Community outreaches the Church is involved with during the week and at weekend services.Everyone who is a member can get involved in the ministries and if you feel a need to start one to cater to a specific need, you are more than welcome to discuss with our Pastors in charge.

Brethren Appreciation

This ministry watches out for the welfare of the Brethren in the Church and serves as the watchdog and our brother’s keeper. You can also use this forum to let the Pastors know about any member you are worried about who has not been in church or who you think may support and encouragement.


There is a vibrant team of volunteers who are DBS checked and undergo regular training to minister to the children at various levels and their understanding between:
0-4 years
5-6 years
7-9 years and,
10-12 years old.
Unless on special occasions, the Children Church runs a full service longside the adult service..


Our Choir consists of various music talents with the use of great instruments for worshipping and glorifying the Lord in songs. m

Community Action

Community Action NCC, Manchester, is involved in several projects that help the community. Some of them offering free meals, free IT Training. Some of these projects include the Highway Hope, V2020 and WADA.


The need for a listening ear and godly counsel is a dire one which the counselling ministry aims to meet as we all go through challenging circumstances in life. This ministry also offers Counselling Services based on Biblical principles to new Believers,those who have made a recommitment to Christ and those with personal and family issues.There are Pastoral Counselling Sessions available with the Pastors via appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


We the dance group at NCC, Manchester believe in the expression of worship in different styles and are passionate about using Dance as a form of art and worship.We meet at scheduled times as required.


All through the Bible, scriptures show how much value was put on the temple. We believe that the place of worship should be beautifully decorated to the highest standard to reflect the beauty and excellence of our God.


The Drama Ministry uses drama to communicate the message of word of God. They hold regular meetings and often have ministrations in the Church.


Jesus gave the General Commission for every Believer to spread the Good news. This group is open to all those who are passionate about winning souls and want to increase their passion and effectiveness in winning souls. They have regular training given with hands on practical sessions where members are paired and go out for Evangelism.


The Finance Team helps with the money matters of the Church. They are made up of a group of both professionally trained accountants and other people They just love figures and are passionate about making our money grow. They are involved in counting and recording financial income of the Church after Services.

First-Timer Team

First Timers Team (FIT): This ministry is very passionate about receiving all First Timers Guests of the Church. They liaise with these individuals and are the first point of contact for the Church. They are a dedicated team that are committed to making good first impressions which last (FIT – First Impressions Tarry) and make visitors want to revisit or join the Church.

First-Timers Follow Up

These are a series of classes designed to help people understand the meaning of baptism

First Timers Follow Up

First Timers Follow Up Ministry (FITFU) This team is an administrative arm of the Church that also processes the data of all First Timers. Their motto which is “no one is lost” is driven by a vision to account for every identifiable visitor that walks through the Church doors.
They oversee the affairs of the First Timers Team and follow up visitors for much longer. They also help in ensuring the successful integration of visitors into the Church and pointing in the right possible direction those who do not wish to make New Covenant Church their home Church.

Information Guest Services

This ministry is also part of the front line ministries made up of a friendly group of volunteers who staff the Reception Desk of the Church helping members and visitors with their queries. Most information about the Church and services offered with upcoming ministry events and application forms or queries about house fellowship venues can be.

Joyful Mothers

This ministry is made up of a team of experienced and mature women who cater for the needs of expectant mothers and mothers in waiting. Most of these women are nurses, midwives and doctors and the team is led by Mummy Ada Irozuru. They meet on the last Sunday of the month after the Service to have a period of sharing and praying, holding on to the promises of safe delivery, fruitfulness and none shall be barren in the land and have Testimonies to show to God’s glory. The ministry team follows all the way right from when they are made aware of a pregnancy, even to the delivery suite and much more, helping the new mothers with the much needed help and bowls of soup as they settle into their new roles in the first few months after the birth of their babies.


This is the Men’s ministry of the Church with a vision to add value to every man and to empower men for effective fatherhood ,enabling men to be able to train their children in the Lord (Training the Trainers). The Men have three main events: The Everyman Conference in which by the grace of God will address men’s health issues, creating awareness for the silent killers among men ,especially of African origin. Relationship matters will also be discussed.
A weekend away around the Father’s day weekend in June with the focus on Fatherhood and training the trainers.
A breakfast meeting around October where there will be discussions primarily around Financial Freedom.
There are also Networking Events, Sporting Events planned with Night Vigils in September and November.Peace & Joy Radio This is the Radio ministry of the

Peace & Joy Radio

This is the Radio ministry of the New Covenant Church, Manchester.


Prayer is the duty of every believer and the best way to learn how to pray is to pray personally and with other believers. The Prayer team is made up of a group of believers who are passionate about interceding for their own needs, the needs of the Church, Community and the nation. The Prayer ministry of the Church holds meetings on:
Wednesdays 6:00am-7.00am and 6:30pm-7:30pm
Thursdays (Financial Prayer) 6:00am-7:00am
Last Wednesday of the month; Solemn Assembly, 6:30pm-9:30pm for a time of in-depth sharing of the Word and Prayers.
First Sunday of the month; Relationship and Family Prayers, 9:00am-10am and Revival Prayers, 5:00pm-8:00pm.
These meetings are open to everyone and there are also special times of retreat for the Prayer ministry team members. The Wednesday weekly morning Prayer meetings can also be joined from the comfort of your homes via a telephone number and access code which can be obtained by request from the Church Office or via email.

Professional Ministry Car Park Attendants

Professional Ministry Car Park Attendants PMCPA: This ministry serve as Marshalls helping visitors and members to park properly, ensuring adequate use of the Church car park during services and events in the church. They also help in checking the security of parked vehicles within the church premises.


This ministry helps the Church by liaising with visiting ministers and Guests, catering for them by provision of hotel accommodation, pickups , all to ensure their smooth ministration during the period of their stay.


This department is responsible for written publications of the Church and primarily produce the Church monthly newsletters, annual calendars, handbills and posters amongst many others.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV)
Campus Church Crewe Worship Days

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Campus Church Crewe Worship Location

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